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Safeguarding 2 of 2

2. Safeguarding Policy

We have a comprehensive Safeguarding Policy that everyone associated with the club should be familiar with and we are available to discuss any matters that might be concerning you with regard to the safety of your children.

Can you please show this letter to your children so that they know what we look like and please make sure that they know that they can chat to us as well if they want to.

We are not always at the club but our contact details are on the website and in the club handbook. We are very approachable so if you see us wandering around (in our fetching light blue hoodies !) then please come and say hello.

  • Play to win – but not at all costs.
  • Win with dignity, lose with grace.
  • Observe the Laws and Regulations of the game.
  • Respect opponents, referees and all participants.
  • Reject cheating, discrimination, violence and drugs.
  • Value volunteers and paid officials alike.
  • Enjoy the game


Westcombe Park Safeguarding Policy 2013/2014